Liquid Gold Amazônia

Indulge in the Amazonian Liquid Gold 7, a green cosmetic enriched with seven exotic oils from the rainforest. Natural, biodegradable, and sustainable, a potent blend that pampers your body, face, and hair while captivating your senses with an exclusive, alluring fragrance. Elevate your beauty ritual with the magic of the Amazon. (first batch)
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The Amazonian Liquid Gold 7 is a transcendent green cosmetic born from the heart of the lush Amazon Rainforest. This exquisite potion is a testament to nature’s splendor, crafted from the essence of seven rare, exotic oils, each harvested sustainably and lovingly in harmony with the rainforest’s delicate ecosystem.

An eco-conscious choice that reveres the Earth’s bountiful gifts. A true chameleon of beauty, this elixir nourishes, hydrates, and rejuvenates your body, face, and hair with a touch of Amazonian enchantment. A pro-age miracle that whispers youth into your being. It weaves an antioxidant shield, safeguarding your skin from the ravages of time.
Net Quantity
40 x 71 mm
30 ml
7 precious 100% vegetable oils with complementary properties, selected for their affinity with the skin:
  • Açaí Oil
  • Patauá Oil
  • Passion Fruit Oil
  • Brazil Nut Oil
  • Urucum Oil
  • Tucumã Oil
  • Cupuaçu Oil
Vegan formula with no ingredients or derivatives of animal origin. Free of parabens, sulfates and petrolatum. Biodegradable.99% ingredients of natural origin
*According to the ISO 16128 standard, the remaining % contribute to the integrity and sensoriality of the formulaExclusive Fragrance.

• Pro-aging, reduces fine lines and expression, prevents signs of aging
• Immediate and intense hydration, regulates the water balance of the skin, providing long-lasting moisturizing activity.
• Nourishment: forms a natural protection film for the skin barrier and leaves a velvety, silky touch. Regenerating and firming action of the skin, fighting sagging.
• Antioxidant: contains bioflavonoids, carotenoids, amino acids, omegas 3, 6 and 9, vitamins A and E in high concentrations, blocking the signs of premature aging.
• Anti-pollution protection and soothing action for sensitive skin, with a light and smooth formulation.
• Strengthens the hair fiber, takes care of it from the scalp to the ends. Excellent conditioner for damaged and dehydrated hair. Anti-frizz. Curl definition.
• Sebum-Regulating Action: reduction of oiliness, high spreadability and very dry touch.

Unleash your inner goddess, embrace the allure of the rainforest, and, and become a guardian of the Amazon’s timeless beauty.

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ORIGIN: The Amazon Rainforest

We take immense pride in sourcing all our products exclusively from remote rural communities deep within the Amazon Rainforest. Our unwavering commitment revolves around maintaining ethical and sustainable practices. This ensures that every product we offer is not only of the highest quality but also environmentally responsible.

What sets us apart is our stringent qualification process for rural producers. We collaborate closely with these communities, offering support to ensure they adhere to sustainable harvesting and regenerative agricultural practices. This not only safeguards the delicate Amazon ecosystem but also provides these communities with a steady source of income, reducing their reliance on practices that harm the rainforest.


Revitalize your skin with our high-performance product powered by rare and indigenous Amazonian ingredients. This wealth of natural resources, including tropical fruits, roots, and tree barks, offers extraordinary benefits across various industries, especially in cosmetics.

Our secret lies in the ancestral knowledge of Amazonian rural communities, who identify, sustainably harvest, and utilize these hidden ingredients. These cosmetic products not only promote skin and hair health with antioxidants and vitamins but also underscore the importance of protecting the Amazon and supporting the local communities that safeguard this invaluable knowledge.


Honoring Nature’s Bounty: Quri Natural Beauty, founded by Amazonian visionary Daniela Cunha, is more than a cosmetics brand. With over two decades of expertise in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, Daniela’s journey led to the creation of Liquid Gold 7, an exclusive product sourced from the Amazon Rainforest. Quri’s core values are quality, high performance, and uniqueness, all produced in a certified facility committed to sustainability.

Green Beauty Innovation: Quri Natural Beauty incorporates green technology with waterless, synthetic-free production methods that prioritize sustainability and biocompatibility with the skin. By choosing cosmetics made from native Amazonian ingredients, you not only enhance your beauty regimen but also support the preservation of the world’s most biodiverse and vital ecosystem.


Babassu Oil (Orbignya oleifera)


Palm tree that can reach more than 20m in height, with leaves that reach up to 9m in length. It is distributed across the states of MA, PI, TO and PA.

Powerful emollient, alternative to Coconut oil. Its grease composition is light, rich in lauric acid. Quickly absorbed by the skin and slightly intense touch, it has great versatility in skin and hair care. Also great for massages.

Brazil Nut Oil (Bertholletia excelsa)


The chestnut tree is a very large, majestic and leafy tree, often reaching 50 m in height and more than 2 m in base. Its fruit is called hedgehog and contains around 18 almonds (brown) inside. To remove the almonds it is necessary to break the hedgehog, which has a very hard shell and does not open spontaneously.

Promotes strengthening of the skin barrier. Rich in omega 6 and 9, palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids, phytosterols, amino acids and vitamins A and E, presenting highly moisturizing and nourishing activity for skin and hair.

It is a recognized and powerful antioxidant, pro-aging, preventing skin aging, as well as an excellent conditioner for damaged and dehydrated hair.

Passion Fruit Oil (Passiflora edulis)


Currently, Brazil is the world's largest producer of passion fruit, and Pará is one of the states with large-scale cultivation.

Passion fruit oil stands out for reducing skin oiliness due to its richness in bioflavonoids, in addition to high concentrations of omega 6 – in the form of linoleic acid, omega 9, vitamin C, beta-carotene, calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

Due to its sebum-regulating action, it also provides rapid absorption, promoting a velvety touch to the skin. Revitalizing, combats sagging and revitalizes oily scalp and hair, giving it volume and lightness.

Patauá Oil (Oenocarpus bataua)


The Patauá tree is a palm tree that grows both on dry land and in more humid forest environments.

Considered the Amazonian olive, it is rich in omega 9, and due to its high content of oleic acid and amino acids, it is an excellent moisturizer and revitalizer, restoring the health of the skin, hair and scalp.

It has a light and non-greasy feel.

Annatto Oil (Bixa orellana)


Ingredient world famous for its coloring power. Small plant native to the Amazon region.

It has soothing properties for the skin and antioxidants, due to its high carotenoid content.

Moisturizes, protects against premature aging and sunlight.

Promotes rapid and complete skin absorption.

Cupuaçu Butter (Theobroma grandiflorum)


Coming from agroforestry systems, it helps forest regeneration.

Strengthens the skin barrier with improved skin elasticity and long-lasting moisturizing activity. Rich in stearic acid (phytosterols) that regulate water balance and the activity of lipids in the surface layer of the skin.

Tucumã Butter (Astrocaryum vulgare)


Palm tree native to the Amazon region, characteristic of high terra firma, low vegetation cover, or even clean fields.

Rich in lauric acid, provitamin A and beta-carotene. Maintains the skin's moisture balance and strengthens the hair fiber.

100% natural alternative to silicones. Provides high spreadability and light texture, promoting an exclusive sensation.