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An Exclusive Beauty Brand
from the Amazon Rainforest

Quri Natural Beauty honors the ancestral wisdom of native tropical ingredients. With Liquid Gold Amazônia the brand offers a sophisticated blend of 7 superantioxidant oils native to the Amazon Rainforest. A natural and powerful formulation, 100% biodegradable, and vegan.

Curated by GREEN-C, Quri takes organic skin care to a level it deserves, supercharged with natural ingredients, scientifically tested to deliver soothing, hydrating, protecting and anti-aging effects.

It presents high performance in the process of nutrition and regeneration of face, skin and hair. You’ll immediately feel the well-being and unique connection with the Amazon Rainforest.

We were born in nature. We believe in nature. We are Nature
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When Art meets Sustainability

GREEN-C is a creative powerhouse and an online boutique for high-end and sustainable products from the Amazon Rainforest. GREEN-C exists to unlock and scale up the commercial opportunity to restore forests, by including local rural communities in the supply chain, and working together for forest preservation.

For years, we’ve immersed ourselves in the Rainforest, capturing its people’s stories, products, and enigmatic communities. Now, it’s time to share these visual treasures as a genuine Amazon experience.

Join our G Club, participate in the Amazon bioeconomy, and in the Rainforest regeneration. This is a unique journey for the bold, the adventurous, and the ones who truly want to positively influence the preservation of the Amazon's unique populations and biodiversity.

The G Club also offers several benefits to its members, from original digital art collectibles, to exclusive access to the Amazon stories and landscapes, and even discounts in our online Boutique. Entries are limited.
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