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For several years we have been in the Amazon, gathering local knowledge from the Rainforest and from the uniqueness of its people and products. We created original multimedia content that was part of international feature films, TV coverages, news articles, and art exhibitions in the Americas, Europe, and Africa.

We noticed that there were few routes to yield the market’s appetite for forest products of the Amazon, making it difficult for locals to trade their products and enhance their livelihoods. On the other side, many across the world were not successful in finding genuine forest products, or when they did, they were disappointed with their quality. We are now linking the local communities and entrepreneurs to national and international markets for traceable, fair-trade, and exclusive forest products.

Rainforest: a green sea

Green-C exists to unlock and scale up the commercial opportunity to restore forests. By including local rural communities in the supply chain, we work together for forest preservation. Our focus is on creating new trading pathways, by offering market linkages to individual customers, retailers, distributors, and wholesalers. We help local brands to grow, by telling the story of their unique products.

The startup was founded by the scientist and awarded creative Miguel Pinheiro.

Miguel worked across multiple projects within the cinema, sustainability, beauty and advertising industries, and developed other non-fiction authorial work (focussed on biodiversity, environment, traditional populations, and cultural uniqueness). His work has been published and broadcasted in several outlets in Europe, Africa, and the Americas, in companies such as BBC, Al Jazeera, Rotary, Channel 4, O Globo, NowThis, HBO Latam, Cifor, or FOX. He is also proficient in Forest Carbon (World Bank, GIZ), Bioeconomy (EMBRAPA), IP (INPI), Ecosystem Restoration (UN), Blockchain (FIAP), and NFTs (Innovation Hub).

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